Several people throughout the world do not have access to good health as they can't afford expensive medicines. Symbiotec addresses this urgent need by offering expensive innovative medicines—at a fraction of the cost—in countries worldwide. Our team leverages its inherent strength—two of India's most advanced manufacturing facilities—to present a distinct cost advantage for all of our customers.

Cortico-Steroids, both Sterile & Non-Sterile, and Steroid Hormone APIs are the most significant parts of our business portfolio, making our products valued across the major therapeutic areas of gastrointestinal ailments, cardiovascular disease, pain management, paediatrics, anti-infective, and dermatology.


    Universally applied for the treatment of inflammation and hormonal deficiency, hydrocortisone and other corticosteroid hormones APIs from Symbiotec are at the forefront of treatments for various diseases and conditions.

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    We synthesize Progestin, Estrone, Testosterone and its derivatives, and Anabolic Steroids. For over two decades, Symbiotec has been reliably synthesizing and supplying commercial volumes of hormones steroid APIs to leaders in healthcare across the globe.

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    The manufacturing capability for Intermediate APIs is one of Symbiotec’s distinguishing features. Intermediates are the building blocks of APIs and Symbiotec is proud to contribute to the healthcare industry through its intermediate pharmaceutical products.

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    Symbiotec also has a range of products outside of the Cortico-Steroids and Hormone range.

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    Symbiotec takes great pride in having a having a diverse range of products currently under development. This further enhances Symbiotec’s mission of delivering innovative solutions for a healthier tomorrow.

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